A typical day at Happy Pups Bed and Biscuit consists of a morning wake up around 7 a.m. with morning potty break, feeding and water change.  Kennel dog doors are opened allowing the pup use of their personal outside run during the day.  Multiple times during the day, the pups are let out into the shared run for a potty break and play time.  While they are enjoying a few minutes in the shared run (always by themselves, never with another pup) we are changing their water and straightening their kennel if needed.  Around 5 p.m. you will find us feeding, changing water and allowing for a potty break and some play time again. Around 10 pm, the pups are let out for the last potty break of the day.  They are given good night treats, the dog doors are locked down, and the pups remain inside until wake up the next morning.

During our free time, the pups will be walked or taken out into the large grassy play area for some play time.

Our kennels are scrubbed each day and completely disinfected between dogs.

We strive to maintain familiarity and comfort for your dog, we encourage you to bring their own bed or blanket so they have that scent of home. We do have beds or blankets available if you choose not to bring one.  We also allow toys or comfort items that can be left with the pup unsupervised.

We ask that you bring your pup's own food to avoid digestive disturbance, but that you leave their bowls at home.  Happy Pups uses all stainless steel bowls that are disinfected between feedings.